Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another Testimony to the Lord Jesus for Salvation

A fellow sister in The Lord sharing her testimony. I was 9 when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior but I failed to really grasp the depth of my sinfulness as that age. I excelled in learning the scriptures and have always had the gift of spiritual discernment which made Biblical understanding something I grasped well from a young age. I was a fantastically morale teenager and I thought that I was a good person despite my faith in Christ and what I now realize is so very important to my walk and the great magnitude of my redemption.
When I went to college I fell away from the Lord and stopped attending church( my parents had divorced my senior year of high school so I was kind of left to my own accountability to go). Regretfully, I made a lot of bad decisions and lived a life of sinfulness that saddens me deeply today. After a few years of this and the absolute realization of just how far from the truth the phrase “I am a good person because I am a Christian” was, God called me back to he called me back
It was after college and its actually very complex because He just had his hand in so many aspects of my life unbeknownst to me. I dated and “fell in love” with this guy I thought was “ the one” and he was bad news. The drinking and partying commenced and I just put my whole heart into this relationship that ended up breaking my heart and I didn’t handle it well. All the while, my sister was getting divorced and has a son that didn’t have any church exposure at all, and I took a new job where there was this guy there that I am still great friends with that was just in love with the Lord. I was so rebellious and such a know it all of course but he challenged me in his boldness and his no apologies method of calling me out on my lifestyle. At one point I remember he even told me I couldn’t be saved because I wasn’t showing evidence of the fruits of the spirit in my life. Over the course of a year, the Lord just worked on my heart and healed some of my hurt and I just started to lose interest in that type of lifestyle. All the while, I felt an increasing burden to at least expose my nephew to church because his home life was lacking stability. I just knew that he needed to know the Lord to stand a chance in life.
So, I first cleaned up my act a bit and with my nephew in tow started looking for a church. He was the one that suggested I try the big pink church despite me not wanting to. But I did it because if we don’t share with the future generations who will? And God commissioned us to do so. It just all came together after that and the Lord just convicted me to surrender it all and finally get off the fence I was straddling and dive in to a Christian walk with Him. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of getting to see my nephew accept the Lord as his savior, and his father did as well (not by my doing but he remarried and she is a Christian). So God used those people to pursue me all the while using me to help my nephew find the Lord too. And in the process, I met a wonderful Christian man who loves the Lord too in our orchestra and it’s just been an amazing few years. I hate I wasted so much time before.
Moving on...Since then,
I have such a deep understanding of just how wretched a sinner I and everyone else is and just how innately sinful our human nature is. We are so far separated from God in our sin that even turning our eyes away from him for a period of time can quickly lead us into that pit all over again. My blessing is that because of what I experienced and the poor choices I made in my young adult years, I have a stronger foundation of which I place my trust in now in Christ. I know in my heart that I was saved at 9 but I finally recommitted my life about 5 years ago to truly desiring and seeking the Lord and wanting to grow into a Proverbs 31 woman. That is one of my heart’s biggest desires. Im a  work in progress I am indeed but my security is forever rooted in His grace, and not my ability to be good enough for Him. And upon surrendering everything over, in every area of obedience of my life to date, He has poured out blessings I couldn’t have imagined in my life just 5 years ago. And the best thing is, He never abandoned me in my shame. Our sermon Sunday was about how the Lord wastes nothing and it is all for His glory. I am living proof of that. Where I was and the mistakes I made helped me to step into a more solid relationship with my savior.

Amen and Amen!

Friday, August 15, 2014

To sell or not to sell your Life Insurance policy...

NEVER let a Life insurance policy lapse or surrender one without considering a life settlement first. A life  settlement will ALWAYS yield more cash than lapse or surrender.  

Reasons to Sell Your Policy…
Only when the life insurance policy it no longer meets your needs.
( Most people buy life insurance for income protection—they want to protect a loved one (or themselves) from financial need in the case of the insured’s death. The most common reasons for a life settlement are that the insured person has outlived the beneficiary, or the beneficiary has “outgrown” the need for insurance
protection. For example, a husband may take out a policy on his own life and name his wife as the  beneficiary. If his wife dies first, his life policy may be unneeded. Or a mother may take out a policy on the life of the father of her children, and name the children as the beneficiary. If the children achieve financial independence, the policy may become a burden instead of important protection.

Reasons Not to Sell Your Policy...
The number one reason for not selling a policy through a life settlement is that the policy owner continues to need life insurance, but cannot obtain replacement insurance due to advanced age or poor health. There is no true substitute for life insurance. If you need insurance, either don’t sell your policy, or consider ways to sell only a portion of it.

In general, a life settlement may be a good option in any case in which you would prefer to have cash now instead of a death benefit later.

Give me a call if you any questions or would like to learn more about Life Settlement Polices

Michael Fillers

Monday, August 4, 2014

To quote or not to quote your insurance every year- that is the question...

Below are the thoughts of one of my underwriters out of the Atlanta area regarding businesses who quote their insurance every year and how it may impact their chance of getting a 'better' quote every year...

My insurance markets do not like to receive the same submission every year. When company underwriters receive an account and realize they have received it every year for however many years prior to that and have never really been given the opportunity to write the account the following may occur; 

1-they never respond

2 they automatically decline the account thinking that they will not be competitive because they didnt write it the previous year

3- They increase the rate up with a high premium and or deductible knowing they don’t have a shot just so they can close it out.

It really affects the insured submitting this to market every year. If they are happy with the current carrier and the carrier isn’t increasing their renewals dramatically for whatever reason other than increased revenue and or exposure then the insured should keep it with the carrier for at least three years. They have a better chance in receiving legitimate responses if they marketed every three or more years.

Best kind of renters insurance for college kids – the free kind…

I have had the question here lately:  how much will it cost to get renters insurance for my college son or daughter who is going off to school this fall?
My answer is nothing, maybe…  If you have renters or home owners insurance it could possibly be free.  The best thing to do is to ask your agent how the liability form of your policy reads. In more cases than not, liability coverage  automatically extends to  “any premises not owned by you but where you may be temporarily residing.”  The policy may also extend up 20% of Personal Property to the same location. For example if you lived in a home that had personal property coverage of $136,710, then 20% of that or $27,342 is the amount of personal property coverage your child may have on all that old furniture you got out of your house when you moved them off to school.  So good news,  a renters insurance policy is one less thing you may not have to pay for while sending them to college.
In the event that you have to buy renters insurance, the typical cost is about $12-$20 a month.
One thing is for sure, every college kid needs to have some kind of liability coverage on where they are staying. If not for them, for the crazy friends they either have or will meet.