Thursday, January 8, 2015

Father daughter letter about a Sorority...

Dear Daughter

Daughter , let me tell you know  what i wish someone would have told me before i went to college and joined the greek system. (although i wasnt born again so i would have thought these words were just foolishness however i think you may can hear them) ...if my children, or anyone for that matter arent born again then what i am about to say will not make any sense at all and be the opposite of what the world would tell you. This is what i will tell my daughter when the day comes when she asks me about being in a sorority whether its a high school one or a college one. i love you i am telling you the truth daughter..... i would say, daughter, i love you. Jesus loves, you have Loved Jesus ever since i can remember...regardless of what college/high school you go to, ask yourself this question why do you want to be involved in a sorority? why do these other people want to be involved in a sorority? is the answer the same for you both? sure yall will be sisters but sisters of a sorority. will you all be sisters in Jesus Christ? if the answer isnt we want to be in a sorority so we can glorify the Lord Jesus or bring HIM glory then this may not be the best way to meet people and create a friendship/bond that will last forever. perhaps you can spend the same amount of money or less bc i am sure the Lord will provide, to go on mission trips with people your age.... since i am not paying for it, you cant be a part of it if it doesnt honor the Lord Jesus. i know you will be 'required to' do good earthly things under the banner of volunteerism or community service bc you have to 'have a certain amount of volunteer hours for this or that' but bc its a requirement, your heart may not be the heart Christ requires. Jesus wants us to have the heart of want to, not have to. the Law says you have to do this and that but Jesus says you are now born again (if you are Daughter, Are you?),,if so then remember Jesus lives inside of u. because Jesus lives inside of you, you should want to bring HIM honor and glory in all you do. will this bring Jesus honor and glory? remember that since Jesus lives inside of you, HE will go where you go. will you go places and do things that bring HIM honor and glory? do you have the strength to not go or do certain things in the midst of the Satans ultimate peer pressure of those who you are now sisters with to turn away and say no, MY Jesus isnt going there? will the people you hang out with, these new sisters be all of the same like mind/heart/soul as you? please make a wise choice in this bc you impact the kingdom of God where ever you go. how will this impact you and your family, will it bring this the kind of Christian honor and glory that comes to those who are totally sold out for Jesus Christ? in 20 yrs or 20,000 will what you chose matter? yes, it should if chosen correctly. so please Daughter, ask some of your sold out for older Jesus friends, family members and see if they had a 'good time' when they were in a sorority in school? was that a time of honoring the Lord Jesus Christ or not. if not, then it too will perish and not increase the heavenly riches that Jesus died for you to have for eternity. the truth that i have found to be is that most people, not all but most, didnt know the Lord in college or if they did they slipped away bc of all the devil's peer pressure and testing that comes with being away from their parents and/or they werent really sold out for Jesus. or maybe they hadnt really given their ENTIRE life to Him. They would now admit years later that there is a time and place for everything that place is college(or so the world tells u). college was fun but it didnt bring glory to Jesus. they would say if only i would have known Jesus back then, then i would have witnessed to all those people i met instead of all the debauchery i was involved in... everything we do every single day brings either glory to the Lord Jesus or to the Devil. Everything. So please take time and talk to those who love you and the Lord Jesus and have given their life to Him and are actually telling others about Jesus on at least a weekly basis much less daily. This should be the Goal to strive for on a daily basis. Paul says in Phill 3:10 10 that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death,"..the real question is, will this(whatever decision it is you are facing) help me to "KNOW HIM" more. This "KNOWING" isnt a knowledge type knowing either. its a knowing like a husband knows a wife, a relationship knowing......SO whether its a regular day right now decision or a big decision like what man you should date or sorority to be involved in or to be involved at all for that matter...Now you are old enough to start making your own decisions so be blessed and I pray that you will listen to that voice inside of you that says..: Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it." (Isaiah30:21)...sorry so long but i love you and i wanted you to know what i felt led by the Lord Jesus to share with you.

-Your Daddy

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

SAVED! - Jan. 6th 2012 Jesus Christ set me free! He delivered me..

Another brother set free!  thank you Lord Jesus!

On Jan. 6th 2012 Jesus Christ set me free! He delivered me from a life of bondage to addiction, anxiety, financial despair and insomnia. He broke every chain that bound me due to the sin I committed in my life. Below is a copy of my testimony of Deliverance.

Jeff's Testimony
The majority of my life I tried to stay a positive person, but the feeling of hopelessness had gripped my life. At one time I felt like I was a success in life (or at least I thought I was, Not!) but during this time I felt like a complete failure.
Three years ago I hit my ultimate low. What one would call, “rock bottom.” I was broke! I mean penniless! Didn’t even have gas for my truck! I had zero income coming in. My savings were gone; I had been unemployed for 6 months and couldn’t receive unemployment. I was recently divorced, my mother passed away, my house was facing foreclosure, my utilities were cut off, I was battling huge IRS liens and garnishments, my house was broken into and I was robbed, my son left to live with his grandparents, I was selling all my remaining valuables just to survive and I was living with my girlfriend that just broken up with me. I was trapped in a horrible hopeless situation and had nowhere else to go, no means to get there and no means to take care of myself. The feeling of absolute hopelessness had gripped my life!
Most people would look at this situation and say, dude, you’re doomed! You’re done! There is no way out of this one! Even if you did land a job, the IRS would take so much of your check it would be too hard to survive. Based on the large amount you owe with penalties and interest, you would make payments to them for a life time and still owe them money.
I was living in a constant state of fear, worthlessness, confusion and self-pity. Most of my adult life I dealt with anxiety and insomnia. I always had to drink, pop a pill or take something to calm my nerves just to go to sleep. It seemed like I was always dependent on something! Can we say, “Spirit of addiction”
But now my anxiety had reached an all-time high! I was a prisoner in my own skin and wanted to just jump out of it!!!!!!!! I was internally bound! Inner turmoil ruled my life. Only people who live this way can understand the kind of torment I was going through. For years my hands had a little shake to them, but now they were shaking so bad it was embarrassing. I had become addicted to pain pills and life was so hard to bear that I would wake up and start pounding alcohol just to knock myself out again. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I literally felt like I was going crazy!
My mother was the person I would always turn to when I needed Godly council, but she had recently passed away. So I reached out to my mother’s sisters. As I spoke to one of my Aunts and told her all my problems she responded to me and said, “Jeff, you are broke, you have nowhere to go, you have huge IRS liens, no job, your house is facing foreclosure and you are trapped living at your x-girlfriends house that just broke up with you. So, what your saying is, you need a job making a lot of money to get out of this mess.” Me - Yep, that’s exactly what I’m saying! “No Jeff, all you need is JESUS! All these problems seem so Big to you, but they are so so small to him.” The second she said that to me the scripture Mathew 6:33 rose up in me. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.
This became so real to me! I knew that was the answer to all my problems. All I have to do is seek him and he will take care of all these things for me. The Bible says,”And you will seek me and find me when seek for me with all of your heart. Jeremiah 29:13.” So, I quit the drinking and the pills cold turkey and re-dedicated my life to the Lord. I sought after him with everything I had. During this period my anxiety and insomnia got even worse. Days would go by without any sleep, but I kept on searching for the Lord. The mental anguish I experienced especially at night was pure torment and I started hearing things that weren’t even there, but I kept leaning on my savor Jesus!
Let me tell you something today! Your salvation is not only accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior and asking him to come into your heart so your spirit can go to heaven when you die. The Greek word for Salvation is Sozo, this means total wholeness, spirit, body and soul (mind & emotions). Jesus came to give you life more abundantly here on earth. He came to heal the sick and broken hearted and to set the captives free! I encourage to seek your father and seek the fullness of your salvation
Finally one of my aunts told me to visit the Bay Revival at the Mobile Civic Center. She said the power of God moved mightily there and the young evangelist who preached there was a mighty anointed man of God! A man anointed with the gifts of healing and miracles. I grew up in church and I believed in miracles, and I knew it would take just that! It would take a miracle to get out of this mess! God would have to work a miracle in my life!
I went to the revival that Friday night with the sole purpose to get free from the chains that bound me. I had a call on my life to preach as a young man but had been running from it for years. I told the Lord if he would set me free I would preach his word. As I sat and listened to the message I quickly realized that this message was for me that night! The evangelist Nathan Morris and Pastor John Kilpatrick kept saying, "I don't know who I'm talking to, but they come to you at night, they torment you at night! You live in a horrible state of fear! You have extreme anxiety! You can't sleep! And you are being held in bondage due to your sins and the sins to your addictions! They kept saying these things over and over again!That was me all right! I didn’t realize it, but while I would lay wide awake in total misery, I was actually being mentally tormented by demons!! I lived in a horrible state of fear and torment! I was in extreme bondage because of my sins and sins of my addictions!!!!! They also said, " I don't know who I'm talking to tonight, but you were also verbally abused as a child, you were talked down to as if you were worthless and this has affected you throughout your life" This message was so meant for me! I was indeed an attendant at my own divine appointment. It was amazing!
During that night’s revival service as I was worshipping the Lord and seeking the Him for my deliverance a woman came down and sat next to me. She smelled of alcohol and looked high as a kite. I remembered her from the club seen years ago. She wouldn’t leave me alone and kept trying to talk to me during the service. She kept rubbing on my arm and my hand and wanted me to look into her eyes. It was obvious the devil had sent her to be a distraction. There was definitely a spiritual war going on over my life! Satan knew his time was coming to an end in my life, and he wasn’t willing to let go.
As Nathan Morris was giving the alter call he said, "if you want to meet Jesus, when I count to three I want you to run to this alter! The Lord is going to set you free!!!!!!” He said,” the power of God is on some of you right now! Some are twitching in your seat at this very moment!" My body was twitching all over! He also said, "Some of you will still be twitching tomorrow." I twitched and jerked under the power of God the whole next day and I still experience it some today while in prayer. The Evangelist then said, "run to this alter now! And Jesus will set you free" This was it! It was now or never! So, in a state of total vulnerability and humbleness I ran to the alter yelling the name of Jesus! The power of God hit me so hard it knocked me to the floor!!!! It was literally like huge boulders from heaven were pounding me to the floor! I laid there for almost three hours violently shaking! I mean I was doing the funky flounder on that floor! I shook so hard my body was soar for the next few days. As the Divine Surgeon was cutting and shaking the devils away from my soul, fowl images and thoughts began to enter into my mind. They were just appearing from nowhere. Have you ever watched a movie where someone was dying and their whole life was flashing before their eyes? Like screen shots from an old film? It was like that but much much faster! I wasn’t even thinking of these horrible things, but they were flashing in my mind at rapid speeds! The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy! He is a deceiver and a liar! You see, that is the only place the devil can defeat us! He can only defeat us in our minds. He was trying to get me to focus on him instead of my deliverer. He was trying to make me feel unclean and unworthy of deliverance, but instead I laid there shaking saying, “get em Jesus! Get em!” I want you to know that there is victory in the name of Jesus! Amen?! Praise God! Jesus fights our battles for us when we let him.
When I finally got off the floor, I realized that the service was over and 95% of the church had already left. I was totally set free!!!!!! I never smoked another cigarette, took another drink or craved any other substance! My addictive personality had been cut away by the sword of the Almighty God!
For all most twenty years I would have to drink or take something to go to sleep! I now sleep at will! For years my hands would constantly shake! Now they are still as a board! Where I once lived in a state of fear, confusion and full of anxiety, I now live in God's peace and walk in his favor with a sound mind! I was once tormented by demons; they now tremble and run when I walk in the room! I was unemployed for six months. Within a week I had over a dozen phone calls for jobs! The Lord blessed me with the exact job I asked for and since then he has doubled my income Praise you Lord! I love me some Jesus! My home that was facing foreclosure I’m sitting in at this very moment and my House note is now $475.00 less than it was before.
A few weeks after I was set free my girlfriend watched the video of that night at Bay revival! She found herself on the floor in her living room under the power of the Holy Ghost. The Lord set her free and she gave her life to Jesus. We are now married and Lord has called us to a ministry of deliverance! And I preached my first sermon at a church earlier this year.
Sometimes the Lord will allow you to through what you got to go through, to get where you need to go, to make sure you don’t go back from where he just pulled you from!
If any of you need Jesus he is there for you. He doesn’t play favorites. He will do the same for you as he did for me. You must be willing to give him your all. Go humbly before him. God blesses the humble but resists the proud. If you want to walk with Jesus, say this prayer with me, and mean it from the bottom of your heart: Jesus, I’m sorry for all of my sins against myself, my family, and my loved ones and against you. I believe you are the son of the all mighty God and you died on the cross for my sins that I may have eternal life. I ask you to forgive me of these sins and wash them with the blood that you shed for me on Calvary. I give my life to you Lord. Come into my heart and change my life. I promise to obey you and read your word and walk the rest of my life with you until you return for me, amen! If you just praised this prayer, your name has been entered in The Lamb’s book of Life and eternity in heaven is yours. If anyone would like prayer, please message me.
God bless,