Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Autonomous Insurance

Autonomous Insurance Whether you are dealing with: Autonomous Personal Insurance Autonomous Commercial Insurance Autonomous Marine Insurance Autonomous Aviation Insurance Autonomous Cyber Insurance... there will be big changes to the world in general but specifically the insurance industry coming in the next 20-30 years. Liability: A shift from the liability moving from the personal lines to the commercial lines. Liability will more than likely also shift to the manufactures who make these autonomous products. Claims: Claims should actually go down in count however when there is a claim it may be more costly. Cyber: With the uptick of the amount of products using autonomous 'brains' these products will have to have a link to the internet in order to operate properly. This will increase the amount of Cyber claims as these Cyber criminals will want try to 'take over' the product that is be used autonomously. For more discussion or information please go here ( ) or give me a call. God Bless, Michael Fillers, Contact INfo: CPIA, NFIP