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As I began to try to tell of my journey to heaven, I want to tell of an unusual encounter that I had with the Lord Jesus a few weeks prior. It was in July, a hot summer day, when I went to Church to make repairs to one of the bathrooms. I was perspiring and exhausted upon completing the repair. I got into my automobile to make my 3 mile trip home. Normally, when I am in my car alone, I pray and sing to the Lord non-stop. This day was different. I was too tired to sing or pray so I just drove home very quietly. As I neared my home, I heard Jesus begin to speak to me in an audible voice. His voice was not only audible but was clear, as if He was sitting there beside me. These were His exact words: "I am going to open a door for you real soon, and it is going to shock you."
After hearing the voice of Jesus, I began to try to second-guess Him. What could it be?  I could never in my wildest dreams ever have believed what was about to happen to me.
The following month was August of the year 2000, and it happened: When I went to bed that night I wasn't feeling especially spiritual, neither had I been to a Church service. It was just a normal, non-eventful evening prior to my going to bed.  Sometime during the night my journey began.  My
soul and my spirit left my body.  I was very aware of the exact moment

when gravity no longer had a hold on me. I began to rise up in the air leaving the earth under me. I HAD STARTED MY LONG JOURNEY!
I heard Jesus' voice directly behind me. He said, "Don't be afraid."

Believe it or not, I was not the least bit scared. Let me describe the position of my body as I moved through the air. My legs and feet were together and pointing to the front in a natural position. My arms were straight out by my sides at a ninety-degree angle. My body was tilted backward at approximately a thirty-five degree angle. I was traveling head first, while leaning backward. My face was looking outward into the vast horizontals of this gigantic, oh so awesomely large, expanse of outer space. When we see our NASA space ships up in space, it is as daylight where they are as it is here on earth. This is only reasonable to understand because they are under the same sun that the earth is under. As my journey took me into deep space, it was very dark. As I looked out into the vastness of nothing but vastness, there were stars and planets giving off their glorious light in this great darkness. They appeared to be lighted round balls that appeared to be the size of basketballs. They were in numbers ofunimaginable proportions. Scientists tell us that outer space is extremely cold. My soul never

experienced the slightest chill. God has made our soul to be superior and supernatural to that of our humanly house of flesh.
As I was traveling through the deepest, darkest parts of space, I was so full of excitement, joy and peace; it was truly indescribable. I thought to
myself, this trip is so wonderful that it would be worth living your entire life as a Christian just for the trip alone. The trip was just awesome, just wonderful. .........just awesome!  This is why the Rapture is referred to as the "Rapture" because of the rapturous joy and excitement that is to happen
to the saints when the last trumpet shall sound and all of God's children shall go sailing through the air to meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the air.
How far away is heaven?  The Hubble Telescope tells us that the outermost star in the universe is 12.7 billion light years away. Inreality, this is the outer edge of what we call the second heaven. For those that may not understand, let me explain what is meant when you hear about the first heaven, the second heaven and the third heaven. This simply refers to space above us being divided into three separate parts. The first heaven is from the earth upwards to the distance of 601 miles; the second heaven begins as 602 miles above the earth and goes the distance of 12.7 billion light years.
(Light years are this: light travels at the speed of 186,400 miles per second.

Travel at this speed for 12.7 billion years then you would exit the second heaven, and then you would enter into the third heaven.)  My, what a distance! Located somewhere in this third heaven is a planet we call Heaven. This is the dwelling place of God the Father, Jesus the Christ, and all the dear departed Saints who once lived on earth, but are now in their new homes. Yes, let me say again, Heaven is a PLANET.  Later on I will tell about this wonderful place.
It took me about ten minutes to get to heaven.  I have heard it said many times, the instant a Saint closes their eyes in death, they are instantly in heaven.  Most all of us have a misunderstanding  of what the Bible
actually says in I Corinthians 15:51-52. The Bible plainly states that we will be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. Hindsight is always 20/20. Now, I personally know for a fact that when our eyes close in death, we are not instantly inheaven, in the twinkling of an eye. What this scripture says is this: we have to be changed from our human body, to our spiritual body. This change has to take place before we get one inch off the ground. After this transformation has taken place, we sail off on our long and glorious journey to heaven.

Let me now go back to my journey through space. After my ten­ minute journey, I arrived in heaven; unlike these unbelievable TV programs that tell of even sinner people being killed and seeing a great light at the end of a tunnel. They also tell of the great peace they felt. This is nothing but lies of the devil. Sinners go to Hell with no exceptions. The devil and Hollywood brainwashes the world into believing that you can drink, curse, commit adultery, lie, steal and anything else you want to do, and it is alright. The Bible plainly tells us that the soul that sins shall surely die. There will not be one sinner in Heaven.
Unlike the world's crowd, I truly had a born again experience with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on October 9, 1969. I went down to an old fashioned altar, and there I confessed all of my sorry ways, and my terrible sins to Jesus. I was gloriously saved, and gloriously sanctified, cigarettes and all. When I got up from that altar, I was speaking in the wonderful Holy Ghost tongues. I immediately went back to where my wife, Joyce was sitting. I got her by the hand and led her up to the same altar of prayers. As of this date, 2006, Joyce and I have been married 45 years. Our present life together as man and wife is absolutely wonderful. Jesus makes life

wonderful. You know, I can't think of absolutely anything wonderful that the devil has ever done. Why would anyone want to serve a loser like him?
Now, let me get back to when my feet touched down upon heaven.  I arrived into heaven in the southeastern part.  The entire southeastern part of heaven is all one big park.  By a park, I mean a place to picnic and take walks, as well as a place to sit and look at the beauty.  The landscape was flat, and the beautiful green lawn was manicured to perfection.   There were park benches under beautifully shaped trees.  There are no words to describe the beauty I saw.  When my feet actually made their touch down, I was standing on a sidewalk.  It was made of snow-white stone.  To my right, about two feet away I saw a wall only a few feet tall, it also was made of snow-white stones.  This wall amazed me and I wondered what this wall is for?  This wall ran from the west to the east, as far as the eye could see.  At the eastern comer, the wall made a ninety-degree tum, and went south as far as you could see.  At this time in my journey, the Lord did not reveal to me what this wall was.  He was to tell me two years later what this wall meant.
I will explain about the wall later on. Most of the things in heaven were revealed to my Spirit without me even asking. At all times, I knew my exact location while I was there. While I was standing on this sidewalk and

looking all around, about thirty feet away I saw a five-year old child sitting on a park bench.  He turned and looked at me with a big, beautiful smile.  I heard a familiar woman's voice from behind me.  She said, ''Neil, do you know who that is?"  I turned around to look behind me and I saw my mother standing there looking at me.  She was about thirty feet behind me.  I said, "I sure do know who that is.  It is Thomas Isador."  My mother had a child
born dead in April1936. He was born three years before I was born.

Naturally, I had never seen my brother, yet I knew him the instant I laid eyes on him. Thomas and I talked for a short while. He acted like a child, talked like a child, and he was a child in every way. You may wonder why a child that had been inheaven sixty-four years at the time I saw him in the year 2000, would be only five years old. I will go into details and explain this just a little further on in this writing.
When my mother died in April 1991, she was 83 years of age.  When I saw her in heaven, she looked only about twenty-one years of age.  My Mom was a heavy-set woman here on earth, but was now slim in heaven.
She had on a real pretty dress that was made out of chiffon material, it was peach in color and the sleeves were three-quarters in length.  The dress came down below her knees about mid way below the calf of her legs.  The

shoulders of the dress were puffed upward.  The belt was made of the same material as well.  It was about two inches wide and laid flat across her stomach, and it attached together in the back.  This should be good news for you women.  You most certainly will wear beautiful clothes in heaven. Everyday, you can make your choice, do I wear my beautiful white robe or do I wear a particular beautiful dress.  I have in years past read books written by people that went to heaven and came back, but I have never heard any of them mention the clothes worn by people in heaven.  I have never read
where anyone describes what Jesus looks like either.  Later on I will go into

detail concerning Jesus.

I could feel the presence of someone standing close by me.  I looked to the right side of my mother about forty feet and there stood Jesus.  I
looked at Him from head to toe.  He just stood there for a moment and didn't say anything.  I just looked at Him and the most wonderful, peaceful, joyous feeling filled my very being.  I looked at Jesus' face and His entire physical stature it was glorious.  Without making a step, Jesus appeared next to me. He was standing on my left side, only inches from me.  He extended His right hand out to me.  His palm was up, and His fmgers were extended outward.  I placed my left hand in Jesus' hand.  My palm was down on His

palm.  My eyes were fixed on His hand.  His fingers wrapped back over my hand.  The feeling that I felt inside of me was absolutely indescribable.  It was joy like I could never imagine.  I was at perfect peace.  There was a total absence of fear. I could feel the greatest and purest love flowing from Jesus to me.  I truly felt what I John 4:8 meant when it said, "God is love. " As I looked at Jesus' hand, I noticed he had very long fingers.  At some time, while Jesus was holding my hand, somehow I managed to look at the top of His hand real good.  I was looking for the nail scars in His hand.  I could not find a defect of any kind on Jesus' hand.  The sleeves on His robe came down over His wrist and extended on down to one inch over the top of His hand.  I knew then for a fact, the scars in Jesus' hands where all, or rather some believe are in the palms of His hands and are actually in His wrist.  I did not see the scars because of the sleeve length.  I know that I know they are there.  At this time Jesus had not said a word.  He was just enjoying letting His love flow through me. He was allowing me to look as much as my curious heart desired.  After looking at Jesus' hands for what seemed
like two full minutes, my eyes raised up just a little.  My eyes were fastened on the glorious robe that my Savior wore.  I will attempt to describe Jesus' robe as much as I possibly can, but it is so awesome you'll just have to wait

and see it for yourself to truly appreciate such a beautiful garment. The color of Jesus' robe was so white; it was just one shade down from being silver. It is just so very hard to describe something that is almost
indescribable.  I will start at the top and go to the bottom, and I will do my

best to describe His robe.  ·The neck had no collar.  The robe as it came around His neck, fit across the lower part of the back of His neck.  As it came around the front, the opening at the top came down about one or two inches below His neck.  As I looked at this, in my spirit's mind, I thought, to put this robe on He would have to pull it over His head.  The sleeves are not
anywhere close to looking like the robes actors wear when a play is put on at Christmas.  They always have sleeves with a girth of about twenty-eight inches, and all baggy and hanging down.  The sleeves on Jesus' robe looked very nice.  The sleeves on His robe fit like a man's long shirtsleeve.  They were just a little looser.  As I already mentioned, the sleeve length came on down and covered one inch of the top of His hand.  His robe did not hang down under His armpits, nor did it look droopy.  It fit Him very nicely.  In the middle, a belt wrapped around Jesus' waistline, but the robe was very full.  There was an extra amount of cloth in the bottom half.  It was not too excessive, as to make it resemble a dress.  His robe on the lower half rolled

in waves with loose material. Even though the bottom of His robe was full, it hung close to His body. The robe was made of material that looked like satin, yet it had the thin, shiny texture of silk. At my very best, I am doing a very inadequate job of describing this awesome and beautiful robe our Jesus wore.  This robe came about an inch from touching the ground. I looked to see if I could see Jesus' feet. I could not because the robe completely had them covered. This robe had no pockets and no buttons. It had no opening on the front of it and no piece was sewn together. It was one piece over all.
I was standing at Jesus' right side. I was very close to Him literally. I would say we were no further than one foot apart. Jesus was much taller tlian I was. I had to look up at Him to see His face. I am a short man, only five feet and six inches tall. To my estimate, I would say Jesus was six feet and three inches tall. He had unusually wide shoulders. His arms were average length for a man his height. As I already mentioned, Jesus had long fingers. Let me leave nothing out, yes, Jesus did have fmgemails. For a
man His height, Jesus had a narrow waist line. I would say it was about thirty-two inches. His hips were also narrow. Jesus is an extremely handsome God.

I will now answer a question that has been asked many times.  "How old does Jesus look?"  Well, He looked to be about the age of someone on earth would look if that person were about thirty-eight years old.  In reality, we know Jesus has no age.  The Bible refers to Jesus as the ancient of days. He always was.  In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  Jesus is the Word.  In eternity past, Jesus always was.  Let me also add this, Jesus always will be in the eternity to come. Hebrews  13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,  today and forever.                                             Iwill go into full detail concerning Jesus' looks further on in my writing.
During all of the few moments that I spent with Jesus, He had not said a word. He was allowing me to look Him over from head to foot in detail. No word was needed from Him to express His love for me. It was a pure love that flowed from His very Spirit, right into my spirit. It was just so wonderful.
Now Jesus began to speak to me. His voice was so sweet, kind and loving. His words were so comforting and reassuring. I felt absolutely no fear and no nervousness. I was calm yet absolutely ecstatic with joy.  I will not write down word for word what He said to me. Jesus talked to me for what seemed like fifteen minutes. Let me get one thing clear to begin with:

Jesus did not tell me any great secrets or anything of that nature.  Most of what Jesus said to me was in an edifying manner.  In essence, He said to me, "I am so proud to have you here.  You are so welcome."  And again, for the second time, Jesus told me, "I am so proud you are here in heaven with me." It seemed that Jesus was as proud to have me in heaven, as I was to be there.
Heaven is the most welcomed place you could ever imagine. There is most definitely and most positively only one way to go to Heaven.  You must be born again.  Jesus is the only one that can save your soul. There is not other. In John 14:6 Jesus said, "I am the wcry, the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by me."  I John 2:23 also tells us, "He who has not the Son, has not the Father."  There is only one way, and His wonderful name is Jesus.  Praise be His name forever more.
Everyone in heaven is so nice, kind and loving. Oh, the feeling you have inside of you, it is absolutely indescribable.  Inthis present world I have had several accidents that resulted in broken bones. I have had several surgeries, plus the fact I am in my sixties, and I also have pain in my body on a daily basis.  I am not complaining, God forbid, but I said this to make a
point.  While in heaven I was young and had perfect health. I felt absolutely wonderful.  Inheaven we have no pain, no worry and no debts to trouble our

mind. I worried about no one I had left behind on earth. As a matter of fact, I never even had a thought about my family or friends that I had left behind. Now I know why I didn't have concern for my loved ones: The book of Job 24:19 in plain words says that God will remove their memoryfrom our minds, those that do not make it to Heaven. Heaven is a place of perfect peace. We will have no worry there. God is a good God. Heaven is joy to the point of bliss. Oh, to be in the presence of Jesus and to hear His sweet, kind voice. Oh, to feel that love that flows from His spirit to yours. Heaven is so wonderful. If only this sinful world could see the hopeless collision course they are on. They would surely repent. It is up to you and I to work for Jesus while there is still time. This is why Jesus gave us the great
commission in Mark 16:15 Go ye therefore into all the world and preach  the gospel to eve1y creature.  We must save a lost and dying world from going  to hell. Hell is a real and literal place of eternal punishment in flames of
fire. There shall be no rest there day or night.  Sinners will bum in hell forever and ever throughout eternity.
Sinner person, do you want to miss this awful place the Bible calls hell?  All you have to do is ask Jesus to save your soul, and forgive you of all your sins.  It is that simple.  Jesus died on the cross.  There He shed His

blood for your sins. The price for your salvation was paid when Jesus hung on the cross. Salvation is a free gift! Accept it now, and you too can go to heaven and be with Jesus for all eternity.


As I stood beside Jesus holding His hand for what seemed like fifteen

minutes, I looked and looked at Him and His robe without ceasing. I wasn't being rude or disrespectful, but He allowed me to look. He was letting me know in my spirit that I had His permission to look all my heart desired. Jesus continued talking to me the entire time I was looking. My mother was standing about fifty feet behind my left shoulder. I turned my head to look
at her. My brother, Thomas was sitting on a park bench about twenty feet to my right front. Whlle Jesus and I were talking neither my mom nor my brother came closer to us. They kept their distance from us. They showed their respect to the King of Glory, the Son of God. As Jesus ministered to me, no one approached us.
Jesus and I were getting ready to leave the southeastern part of heaven, and leave my mother and my brother, Thomas behind. Jesus and I

were going to visit another part of heaven.  On my way to where Jesus and I were going to visit, I had the most wonderful sight seeing tour.  Jesus is so personable.  I can't tell it like Jesus did, but He said to me, "I have something that I want to show you.  You are going to another place."  He and I lifted up into the air about one hundred feet high.  We were about to leave the southeastern part of heaven, and go to the far western side.
Our trip of about thxee thousand miles took place in an instant.  Here is the part that is so hard for me to tell about.  Although Jesus and I traveled the distance in an instant, I could visualize every little detail in slow motion.
I could see and focus in on objects only one-sixteenth of an inch in size. Not only could I see them, but also I had time to look and analyze them individually. Don't dare ask me how this could happen. All I can say is that with God all things are possible.
We all here on earth know the Holy Ghost can do more in one minute than we can do in a whole lifetime. I will try to go into some detail about the trip Jesus and I took. As we traveled through the air we traveled to the west. In the Midwest I saw a great plain. It had to be at least two thousand miles wide as we traveled from east to west. As I looked southward this plain went on for several thousand miles in the southern direction. The land

lay flat.  There was not one building, nor tree, nor shrub on this great plain. This vast plain was covered in a beautiful grass in all directions.  This grass stood fifteen inches high.  This grass had blades on it a half an inch wide.  The grass was the color of gold; it looked brilliantly shiny as twenty-four karat gold.  A gentle breeze out of the south made the golden grass flow in gentle rolling waves.  At this particular time we passed over the golden grass it was not in flower stage.  The grass had shed its flowers, and in the center  of the top, on a stem was a small cluster of seed that reminded me of wheat grain, except these seeds were much smaller.  Now the flowering grass was seeded on top.  There were flowers inheaven that blooms continually.
There are some flowers that bloom, seed and bloom again. Heaven is a

place you most definitely will not ever get bored in. Flowers that have seasons, this is good. Here on earth I always get excited in the springtime. I look forward to the new flowers coming into bloom once again, and it just refreshes me all over again. Well, why not in heaven too? God is so wonderful. He really puts thought into everything He does. Heaven does not have changes of weather seasons. The weather in heaven is forever perfect. As I looked northward, the flowered plain began to come to an end. A forest began where the golden grass came to a stop. The land began to

make an uphill climb.  The land began to make an upward assent in gentle slopes.  As I looked more closely it was a mountain.  This mountain chain ran across Heaven from east to west.  This mountain range must have run for three thousand miles.  When Jesus andIwere about midway across the
plain, we were in the Midwest.  Jesus revealed to my Spirit that my mansion was right up there above the plains and in the forest on the southern slope of that mountain.  Now I know where I am going to live when I take my next journey to Heaven.  From the front of my mansion I will have a gorgeous view of the forested mountainside.   At the bottom of the mountain I'll have thousands upon thousands of miles of golden flowers for my own view.
Later on in my writing I will describe these mansions in their size, shape and building materials.  I am so proud that I will have my mansion in the mountains.  Here on earth we dearly love the mountains.  We try to go to the mountains in Gatlinburg, TN every year. The mountains seem to make me feel so wonderful.  Jesus said He would give us the desires of our heart. I did see people riding horses across the plains for the sheer joy and pleasure they got from it. Heaven is a most awesome place. Jesus knows what you like, and He most definitely will please you in every way possible.

The leaves on the trees were about one and a half inches in width and three inches long. They were narrow at the stem and sharp pointed at the tip. The leaves had the same green color as trees on earth have.  The trees all had a beautiful pyramid shape. They were all spaced apart at random and not in rows. Each tree was forty feet from the other. This mountainside forest had no undergrowth. There was a beautiful green manicured lawn under the trees.  This grass made the forest look so inviting for walking or horse back riding.
In most humans' mind set, they see heaven only as one big city that is four squares. This giant size city is most definitely there. Each of the four sides is fifteen hundred miles in length.  Each side of this walled city has three gates each. This city is great in size, yet it is very tiny in comparison to the total size of Heaven. Heaven is a very enormous round planet.  The planet heaven has trees, grass, soil, stone, mountains, plains, parks, flowers, rivers, fruit trees, great seas in the east, mansions, endless numbers of people, untold numbers of angels, God the Father, Jesus the Son and thousands of other thing too great to write down.  One more thing I want to elaborate on is the unbelievably gorgeous blue sky. There was not one tiny cloud. There was no sun shinning in this sky. Jesus is not only the light of

that great city, but He is the light of the entire planet of Heaven.  The atmosphere is perfectly clear. Of all the things I have just mentioned let me just say how extremely breaths taking all of the colors were. Heaven is truly a marvelous place.
On my next trip to heaven I will get to see absolutely everything.  I

have made up my mind that my next trip to heaven I will refuse to come back  This particular trip I had no choice as to whether I could stay or go. Jesus just sent me back and I had no choice about the matter. As Jesus and I continued to travel through the air toward the west, we reached our destination. I saw a building made of snow-white stone. This building was the only building in heaven that was only one story high. All buildings in heaven have a flat roof. I suppose all roofs are flat because there is never any rain in heaven, so no hip roof is necessary.  This building Jesus and I arrived at was so long that I couldn't see the end of it. Three beautiful
young women dressed in white robes met Jesus. This place was a nursery for small children. It was revealed to my spirit that these three young ladies with Jesus had been old, gray headed ladies that dearly loved children when living back on earth. Now, that they were in heaven, they were doing what they loved to do the most, take care of little children.  As Jesus talked to

these three ladies, I stayed back about fifty feet so they could have their conversation privately. In front of this nursery building was a super, huge playground that held innumerable millions of children. Every one of them was ten months of age. These children (as many as possible) came to Jesus and clung to His robe. Jesus did not rebuke these children. He just gave
them all of His love. One little blue-eyed girl with blonde hair came over to me. She looked up into my face and starred at me eye to eye. This little girl knew me. The Lord did not allow me to know who she was. After coming back to earth, later on, I thought a lot about this sweet little girl. Who is she? How did she know who I was? My conclusion was no revelation by the Holy Spirit, but I arrived at this conclusion by my human thoughts. My
oldest daughter Denise was married for about two years when she miscarried a fetus in its early stages of life. I think this little girl was my granddaughter that Denise miscarried.
I am not a professional writer. I may not write down my experiences in heaven in perfect order. I will just do the best I can.
This nursery was overseen and taken care of by angels, and a great number of sweet young women. Let me explain why all these babies were each ten months of age. Great numbers of unborn babies have been aborted

deliberately.  Also great numbers of babies are miscarried by mothers because of sickness or some other reasons due to no fault of their own, also other babies are stillborn.  Some babies only live a short few weeks or months and for one reason or another they die too.  It would be tragic if unformed and tiny babies were put in incubators and life support in heaven. What Jesus does is this; when these tiny infants get to heaven Jesus instantly moves their age up to ten months of age.  They can walk just fine, play on the playground and enjoy their new life in heaven.  You might say there is no way a ten-month-old baby could go outside and play.  Keep in mind they are in heaven and with God all things are possible.  These babies remain in this daycare nursery until their mother gets to heaven then she will be
allowed to raise her precious little baby she buried so many years ago.  If the baby's mother does not make it to heaven then another family member will get to raise this baby.  These children all wore a gown-looking garment. They were white with a light blue tint to them.  The sleeves were short, only about four inches long.  The length went down to their ankle tops.
Let me answer those questions you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.  No, you do not use bathrooms in heaven.  You can raise your baby and not have diapers to change.  There will never be a sick baby to take

to the doctor nor do you have to set up for hours and rock him. Raising your baby in heaven will be wonderful. You get to do all the fun things and enjoy loving your lovable sweet baby. Ihave read a couple of books written by people who said they went to heaven. I saw so many things thatIhave
never heard any writer mention before. Itruly saw many awesome things. Jesus wanted to show me these babies so that Icould tell others of this subject that is known so little about, or maybe nothing about at all.
My Robinson family is made up of short slender built people. When I

first saw my brother Thomas in heaven, Inoticed how unusually large he was for a five-year-old.  Let me explain why he is only five years old. My mother died April 4, 1996 and when she got to heaven she was given her ten-month-old son to raise.  Thomas had been in this place thatIcall a nursery since April 6, 1936. You might think right off that would be
horrible to keep a child in such a young state of life for these many years. I can assure you that it was not bad, it was truly wonderful. If you could have seen how these children enjoyed each other and enjoyed playing, you too would agree that it was a blissful state of life. You may wonder how such tiny babies could go out and play. The answer is very simple. They were in supernatural bodies. Their bodies were at a far more advanced state than

any child on earth was at-their age.  After all, they were in heaven.  When  the Lord Jesus took me to heaven in August of the year 2000, my mother  had been there for four years and four months.  My mother had already been raising her child those four years and four months.  If you count age as I count it on earth.  Mother received her son at ten months of age.  She had already had him for the four years and four months.  Thomas was then five years and two months of age in heaven.  Again, I emphasize that I am counting years as if they were earth years in a human body.  Later on, when
I was back on earth, I have thought much about meeting my brother Thomas who was born three years and seven months before I was born.  His extra large build was one thing I couldn't quite grasp.  In the year 2002, my older sister Jeanette and I were talking about old years gone by.  We were raised during a very innocent era.  The first ten years of my life was in the 1940's.
Our mother was a very strict Christian woman. We never in our growing up years ever heard the words "sex'' or "pregnant" used in our home. Those were terrible and unspeakable words back then. Our mother had never mentioned to us why Thomas was born dead. Inthe 1940's children weren't told things like that. As Jeanette and I talked she brought up the subject of mother's stillborn child. Jeanette told me that the doctor

came to the house to deliver this baby.  The baby was so large that my mother could not deliver this child by natural childbirth.  There had to be a decision made.  Save the baby or save the mother.  The doctor had to crush the baby to get him out.
After the doctor fmally delivered the stillborn baby, he told daddy to take him and throw him in one of the old mining holes close by.  The fact that this dead infant had a living soul wasn't even given a thought by the doctor.  He never considered him to be a life.  The fact that this dead infant did have a soul was an indisputable fact to my mother and daddy. Mother put a blue gown on her precious dead baby. Daddy got a wooden box that had at one time been a container for dynamite caps and used this box for the baby's coffin. All alone, my daddy took this make shift coffm to the Davis Cemetery here in Dora and with a shovel dug a hole and placed the box in the ground.  There was no funeral; there were no mourners, just my dad all by himself.  This was the poorest of poor burials.  Oh but now our family is
slowly but surely coming together again in heaven.  Out of our family of ten, there are only four of us left here on earth now.  This family doctor saw nothing but a dead, crushed infant that in no way represented a life. Oh but while in heaven I saw and spoke to this beautiful boy Thomas. He is very

much alive and well now; and for all eternity to come.  Praise be the name of the Lord!
I am joyously awai,ting my next and final trip to heaven. II

Corinthians 5:8 tells us ((To be absent from  this body is to be present with the Lord", that is, if you are saved.
Let me now continue back to where Jesus and I were together at this huge nursery. Jesus had now finished talking with these three ladies in robes. Something awesmne was about to happen. As Jesus stood there, I began to slowly rise up in the air. I was lying flat, long ways and face down. I rose until my face was exactly even with Jesus' head. My eyes fastened on my Lord's head. My body began to slowly move around Jesus' head in a clockwise manner. My eyes were no more than six inches from Jesus' head. I began at the left side of His head. I looked at the side of His head very thoroughly. I looked at His ears, His neck, His hair and His jaws.  I noticed that Jesus had absolutely no hair on His face. This does away with some folk's belief that in heaven Jesus has a beard. He does not. Jesus had no
side bums at alL I began to look at the hair on His head. He does not have long hair. His hair is about three to four inches long on top. On the sides it was around two inches long. Jesus does not part His hair. His hair is

brushed back very neatly, both on the top and on the sides. His hair color is a rich brown.  It almost has a wine tint to it.  Jesus' hair is wavy.  On the back of His neck it came to just below ear level. The end was turned upward about % of an inch in the back.  His hair is immaculately beautiful.  As my body rotated around to the front of Jesus' forehead, I stopped and looked at His face. His countenance was beautiful.  His skin tone is like someone that has a good suntan. His cheekbones had a beautiful peach colored tint to
them. He does not have a round face. He has the average Caucasian looking elongated face. Jesus is the most extremely beautiful person you could ever hope to see.
In Israel, the Jewish people very much resemble the Caucasian race. Jesus looked like any real handsome man you might meet here on earth. Jesus did not shine neither was He transparent.  Everyone you see in heaven looks like people look here on earth. Jesus did not walk around with His crown on His head.  At least, He didn't while I was with Him.  When He does wear His crown and when He doesn't wear it I just do not know.  This
was never revealed to me.  One thing I could never bring myself to do was to look Jesus in the eye.  I just couldn't do it. I was asked the question, "While

you were in heaven, was your body still on earth in your bed?" The answer is "yes". My soul and spirit left my body.
After seeing all of these awesome sights and after knowing where I would someday live, after seeing all the babies in heaven, after seeing family members, after personally fellowshipping with Jesus, my life will never be the same again. I am looking forward to going back to my new and glorious home.
When my journey to heaven had come to an end, Jesus knew it was

time for Him to send me back to earth.  I have absolutely no recollection of my journey  back to earth.  Just as instantly as I left heaven I was entering back into my human body in my home.  After my soul and spirit entered my body I instantly awoke.  I felt so joyous  and so excited that I was almost beside  myself.
I will tell about those magnificent mansions and that City of Gold in the northern part of heaven.  I want to mention some other things first. I have heard so many people make the remark at the death of a baby. He is an angel in heaven now; this is not true. No human has ever become an angel. God created angels in heaven. Not one of them was ever a human being.
No human that enters heaven travels around with a pair of wings. No human

has ever received a pair of wings.  We are not to believe anything the Bible does not say. The Bible is God's Holy Word.  We are to regard God's Holy Word as truth.  Let us forsake old wives tales and fables and look to the Word as the only truth.
Let me·mention the language that is used in heaven.  InActs chapter 2 when the day of Pentecost had fully come, Peter preached to men from several different countries that were present in Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost.  Residents of each country spoke a different language. When Peter preached every man heard him in his own language. In heaven the same thing happens.  When anyone speaks, they speak in their own language but every person hears in his own language. When Jesus talked to me I heard Him in English.  Everyone that spoke to me in heaven I understood them in English.  For example, if I spoke to a Chinese person in heaven I would speak in English and he would hear me in perfect Chinese language.
InJohn 1:29 John the Baptist saw Jesus coming down the road.  John said, "Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world".  For the last two thousand years this world has known Jesus as the sweet, kind Lamb.  It was the sweet, kind, loving Lamb that I fellowshipped with while I

was in heaven. After the rapture of the church occurs, the sinners left here on earth will not know Jesus as the sweet, kind Lamb. But they will know Jesus as the Lion. This world shall know Him in His wrath. This world will go through the seven-year tribulation period. This world shall experience
the terrible consequences of the many woes the Lion will pronounce upon this wicked, sin-filled world.  Revelations  1:4-16 describes Jesus not as the Lamb but as the Lion.  His head and His hairs were white like wool, as
white as snow, and His eyes were a flame offire.  His feet were like untofine brass, as if they burned in afurnace and His voice as the sound of many waters, and He had in His right hand seven stars, and out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword. And His countenance was as the sun shinneth in His strength. Christians will never know our kind, loving Savior as the Lion. We will be in heaven enjoying the seven-year marriage supper of the Lamb. Serving Jesus has many rewards now in this present lifetime. The
Christians greatest reward will come to him after death.  We will have a new

body. We will be forever young. We will never know sickness, heartaches or pain anymore. We will be in the presence of God and His precious Son, our Lord and our Redeemer Jesus Christ.  We will be reunited with many

family members and friends that have gone on before us. For the child of God, the best is yet to come.
I had been reluctant to tell anyone about my journey to heaven.  I was

sure no one would believe me. I waited several months before I mentioned it to a family member.  I have told of my journey to only a few people. Some would not believe me. In II Corinthians 12:2 Paul said he went to heaven.  He knew people would not believe him either. Paul said he waited for fourteen years before he told of his journey to heaven.
People believe that Donald Duck can talk but they don't believe God can do anything.  I have heard about people that said they went to heaven and came back to earth. I never thought in a million years that it would happen to me. In the months that followed I gave much thought about my journey to heaven.  One day while I was in prayer, I asked Jesus, "Lord, when I was in heaven with you, why did I not see that great City of Gold?" "Lord, why did I not see all those many mansions in heaven?"  Jesus heard
and answered my prayers. Let me tell you now. No, I am not about to make a second trip to heaven. God knows how to show us anything He pleases and in any way He chooses. Once again I went to bed. It was a non­ eventful day for me. As I was in my sleep, I was taken into a vision in the

night. Visions in the night are recorded several times in the book of Daniel. One example is Daniel2:19. The difference between a day vision and a night vision is very simple. Visions given by God in the day, is when a person is awake and goes into a vision. A vision in the night is when a person is asleep and God gives her or him a vision. A vision is most definitely not a dream. Our spirit never sleeps. God is able to correspond with our spirit very easily when our physical body is asleep.
In this night vision, I was near my home.  I was busy looking at various things close by.  I happened to look up in the sky.  Everything was brilliantly light as day.  As I gazed upwards to the sky, suddenly it began to
separate in the middle.  One end of the sky opened up to my right.  The other end opened up to my left.  I saw the sky part like a scroll as recorded in Revelation 6:14. There it was!  I saw it!  This great city of our God is also spoken of as the City of Gold.  This great city covered the sky in its entirety north, south, east and west.  This city was so large it defies explanation. There were beautiful mansions in such great number they were innumerable. In my spirit I thought how many years did it take to build all of these vast numbers of magnificent structures?  Everything was on a grand scale in size. This city appeared to be s0 close to planet earth that you could reach out and

almost touch it. I could see details of the structures in this city as small as one sixteenth of an inch in size.


As I gazed up at this awesome city I am guessing that it was approximately three thousand feet above the earth. Instantly I rose up in the air and my feet set down upon one of the streets of gold. I was standing between two long rows of mansions. The street of gold ran between the rows of mansions.  The mansions were all facing the street.
As I was looking all around me in utter awe and amazement at the beautiful sights I was seeing all around this glorious city.  I was standing on one of ever so many streets of gold.  I bent over at the waist as I starred at  the street I was standing on.  This street was about thirty-five feet wide.  I looked forward of where I was standing.  Just a few feet down the street I saw what looked like a crack running from one side to the other inthe street. I thought there was a crack in this street of gold.  As I walked forward I was looking down at the street as if I were inspecting it for flaws.
I saw what I had thought was a crack. It was really an inward shimmering glitter from deep within the street of gold. I stared down into this precious gold. I could see inside of it. It was truly transparent gold. I could see down into it eight inches deep. This particular street of gold was so very different it was pink gold. I could hardly believe my eyes. Here on

earth pink gold is in extremely limited supply so naturally this makes it very, very expensive.
In heaven we are so highly favored of God we will walk on this precious pink gold.  After looking at this street for so long of a time I looked up to my front and I saw two girls.  They were holding hands while skipping across the lawn inthe front yard of a near by mansion on my right.  These girls were twelve-year-old twins.  These girls skipped off the lawn onto this pink street of gold.  I looked at them as they passed on by me.  I thought, oh how happy and content the girls were.  When this life on earth is over for the Christian there remains a rest for the child of God.  We too can run and skip and sing.  We will be at perfect peace.  Oh what a wonderful day we have to look forward to.  All of our saved loved ones we mourned for at so too many funerals.  They are already enjoying all of these wonderful things Jesus gives to the redeemed.  This particular pink street of pink gold was running east to west.  I turned around and walked in an easterly direction.  I came to another street of gold and this one was yellow gold.  This street went north to south.
I turned to my left on this yellow street of gold and I walked north. I hadn't gone far then I looked to the right side of this yellow golden street and I saw a choir of angels singing. I stood still and just looked at them for what

seemed like a long time.  I looked at these angels from head to toe.  I have to say one thing funny or will disown me.  This angel choir singing was truly out of this world.  Jesus has a sense of humor too.  He created monkeys and people.  This choir of angels did not have wings.  They wore white loose clothing.  I can not possibly describe their clothing.  These angels with wings and without all look like people look.  Angels are God's creations and were never humans.  There are other kinds of angels than only these two I have mentioned here.
There are cheribiums and Seraphiums.  These two kind of angelic beings are more like a creature and absolutely not human looking.  I didn't see any of these types of angelic creatures.  Arc angels are large winged angels.  Gabriel the arc angel is God's special messenger angel.  He is the angel that appeared to the Virgin Mary and told her she was with child.
Michael is God's special warring angel. It is the Arc angel Michael that in time past, present and future that fights Israel's wars. Daniell2:1 Winged angels can appear to people in a very large size. A few years back some Russian astronauts came back declaring they saw a winged angel as big as a 747 airplane in outer space.

God wants the atheist to come to the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus' arms are extended out to you right now. Heaven is a place for whosoever will accept Jesus as your personal savior and you too will have one of these beautiful mansions in glory land. Why? Because Jesus loves you! Think about this the mansion I am describing may be yours.
Most all mansions were two hundred feet wide. Not one of them was less than three stories tall. These mansions all had windows every several feet apart all the way across each floor level. Above the top floor on one end were two additional large rooms built, one on top of the other. I felt the upper rooms were observation lounges.  You could go up there and see all the beauty and glory of this great city. I will sketch in a scale model so you can see what is so hard for me to describe:  See Figure 1

jObservation  Lounges
!Observation  Lounges
3rd Floor
2nd Floor
1st Floor
Figure I

The mansions were all made of materials we are familiar with here on earth. The windows contained real glass. The mansions contained wood, stone and some were brick. I could hardly believe my eyes. The mansions all had a flat roof. I saw one mansion that towered upward seven stories high. The mansions were not all built alike. If you want your mansion built to your specifications, don't waste any time. Jesus will prepare your home just like you want. You had better hurry and tell Him. Jesus' return is so very near and we need to be making plans to move into our new home.  God knew
exactly where I wanted my mansion located. I am a countryman. I was born and raised in a mountainous area here in Dora, Alabama.
As a boy, my first cousin Ralph Harper and I roamed these mountains and hollows everyday.  God knows mountains are in my blood.  That is why my mansion was not built in the city.  My mansion is on the side of a mountain in the Midwestern part of heaven.  I am very pleased at to the location Jesus gave me.  The Bible tells us that Jesus would give us the desires of our heart, thank you Jesus for caring so much.
What I am about to explain next is really difficult; Jesus is the light of that city. As a matter of fact, Jesus is the light of the entire planet ofheaven. Heaven has the Son but not the sun. The light in heaven is much brighter

than it is here on earth. About fifty feet above this great city I saw light waves that were actually visible to the eye. These light waves were about six inches wide.  They were all about six inches apart from the other one on either side of it. They traveled in vertical waves.  As they traveled upward they moved in a wiggling manner and bounced back and forth off each other. They had all the colors of the rainbow.  The light display was a glorious sight to behold.  It was just too spectacular to describe.  I have seen pictures of the Northern lights here on earth. Multiply that by hundreds and you can have an idea of what I saw. In Revelation 6:14-16 at some point in
time during the tribulation period here on earth, men and women will cry for the rock and mountains to fall on them, to hide them from the face of Him who sits on the throne.  This scripture was very puzzling to me all these many years until now.  I could not possibly understand how anyone here on earth could look up and see so far away.  How could anyone see the face of God in heaven while they were here on earth? After I saw this great city so close and in such detail, I know anything is possible with God. God can do anything.  With God, the supernatural is natural.
Heaven is such a wonderful place.  We won't have need of any police in heaven.  There will be no crime there.  There will be no jails, no hospitals,

and no graveyards. There will be no pain, no hurt and no crying up there either. All will be peace, joy and gladness in that land. Romans 10:9-10
tells you how you can qualifY to be a citizen in God's Kingdom.   That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from  the dead, thou shalt be saved.  For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness,  and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
I will now refer back to the time that I first arrived in heaven and the

white stone wall I saw there. I will now tell you what it was. It was two years after having seen this wall in heaven before Jesus revealed to me what the wall was. In the summer of 2002 my wife and I took a vacation to Washington, D.C. We went with our daughter, son-in-law and our two grandchildren. We saw many fascinating sights. \Vhile there we visited the Vietnam Memorial Wall. This wall was solid black. It was in an "'L" shape. It ran from west to east. At the eastern end it made a ninety degree comer turn and went south. On this black wall was written the names of all our precious soldiers who gave their life for our country in the Vietnam War. It was indeed a sad and heart-moving sight to look upon. This black wall represented death and pain to an untold number of families. Our vacation

came to an end. We all returned home with many new memories.  Another few months passed by and again one evening I went to bed.  I did not have a clue that Jesus was going to visit me in my dream.  In this dream I did not see Jesus this time. I heard only B1s voice speakiflg to me. He began to talk to me about this white wall that I had seen in heaven.  While in heaven I noticed this snow-white stone wall was not made of one solid stone. It was made up of rectangle shaped stones stacked end to end and on top of each other. Each stone was eight inches thick, eight inches tall and twenty-five inches in length. There was no mortar between the joints.  Each white stone was an individual stone.
Jesus began talking to me concerning this wall. I will in essence tell you in my own words what I was told about this wall.  This white wall is called "The Wall of Heaven".  Let me make clear that this is not the wall or part of the wall that is around that great city. This wall is inthe southeastern part of heaven.  The Lord let me know that for one thing I had been on the backside of the wall and not on the front side. The writing was on the opposite side from where I was.  This wall had written on it the names of each person that had already made it to heaven.

In Revelation 2:17 says, "To him who overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna and will give him a white stone and in the stone a new name written, which no man knows saving he who receives it."
I awoke from my dream knowing I had received another visitation from my Lord. The Bible lets us know that things here on earth are made after a pattern of things in heaven. Whoever came up with the actual design for the Vietnam Wall did not come up with this particular "L" shaped wall on their own. \Nbether they realize it or not, the Holy Spirit gave them the design for this Vietnam Memorial Wall. It is a pattern of the White Wall in Heaven. The Vietnam Wall is black and black represents death. Death means a separation of life. Each and every name on this White Wall has been redeemed and has been given eternal life.
We will have a new body and a new iife in the spirit. Genesis 9:4

says that here on earth life is in the blood.  Inheaven life will be in the spirit.

In closing, let me say I feel so unworthy to have been shown such marvelous wonders. I thank you Jesus for showing me around heaven. I thank you Jesus for being such a kind, loving, friendly host to me while I was with you for such a short time in heaven.


Let me say this to my dear readers, don't miss this wonderful place called Heaven.  Repent.  Today is the day of salvation.


John 10:10 tells us the thief"devil" comes to kill, steal and destroy. After I had went to heaven, the devil and his demons tried very hard to stop me from writing about my journey.
I was talking to Linda Gravlee about my journey to heaven.  She said to me, "you need to write all of this down."  Sometime later I wrote down all that I could remember about my journey to heaven.  Before I started my writing, the devil tried to stop me anyway he could.  I had a stroke and it really affected my normal way of life for about two years.  My speech, my walk, my memory and my ability to think clearly was greatly affected.  I  give praise, honor and glory to my Savior and my healer Jesus Christ for
bringing me back to my normal self again.  God sure is good!  God is a good God!  The devil is so totally crazy.  He will try and do things he knows the Bible says he is not able to do.  A born again child of God cannot be possessed by a demon, it is absolutely impossible.  The old devil is such a fool; he was going to try to possess me with him knowing he could not do it.
My Christian friends quit letting the devil and all his demons push you around and confuse you and cause you to fall.  The Bible plainly states; He "the Holy Spirit" that is in you "all Christians" is greater than he "the devil"

that is in the world  Give the devil fair warning.  Devil don't you mess with me. l{you through willful ignorance attach me you will de(initelv lose and I will definitely win. There is in no way that in my own power that I can defeat the devil. The Holy Spirit that is in me can stomp every devil into hell and I will walk away victorious with a smile on my face while I am looking for other devils to whip.
Shortly after the stroke, the crazy devil tries to stop me from writing once again. I can't remember the exact date but it was bedtime for me. I lay in bed and turned off the light. I sleep lying flat on my back most of the time. As I was lying in bed flat on my back, I was still very much awake. I saw a black figure standing at the foot of my bed on the right side. I looked very closely and I saw immediately that it was a demon. This demon was clothed in solid black. There was a black hood on its head and a black cloth hiding its face. I would soon find out that this particular demon was a female. The Bible tells us that demons are a disembodied spirit. This
demon stood about five feet and two inches tall. Her size was comparable to a woman that weighed one hundred and twenty pounds. This is only a comparison and in no way did this disembodied spirit weigh this amount. This demon started to walk closer to me. When she got beside me she got

on my bed and laid long ways on top of me.  Her head was over my head, her body over my body and her legs on top of my legs.  This was in no way
a sexual thing.  This was a demonic force trying to enter into my body.  I
must say again what a fool the devil and his demons really are.

I am saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. How dare the devil mess with me? When this demon realized she was wasting her time trying to go down inside of me, she got off of me. She now is going to try a new tactic. This demon is now on the right side of my bed. She is standing close to me. She backs up across the floor till she is now against the dresser in my bedroom. She now has running room between herself and my bed. She takes a run towards me. She jumps off the floor and extends her body long ways. With great force she gives me a lengthwise body slam. She hit me so hard that I was knocked a foot across my bed. Her body slam to me was very painful. She was making just one more attempt to enter into me. Again she gets off my bed on my right side. She steps backwards once again. This time she just stands there looking at me. I feel sure she was puzzled about what to try next. As she starred at me, my eyes caught the
figure of someone else standing at the right foot of my bed. It was a winged angel. This angel was very large. While standing this angel's head almost

touched the ceiling, he was so tall. His build was wide and strong. He had on a silver belt about twelve inches wide. He wore loose white flowing clothes. His robe was not the same as Jesus' robe.  This angel did not speak to me and he did not even look at me.
He looked straight at this demon.  He called her by name. It was most definitely a female name.  I wish I could remember her name but I can't remember it. He rebuked her and commanded her to leave.  She just vanished and she was gone. The angel remained at the foot of my bed even after the demon was gone.  In a couple of moments the angel just disappears too.
The entire time this was going on I was not the least bit scared. Jesus

tells us, I have not given you the Spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind.  The angel didn't look at me but I sure looked at him. His wings were not spread out. His wings were attached to his body at the shoulder blades.  The wings rose upward to the middle of the back of his head.  The wings had a joint that allowed the wings to tum downward.  His wings were covered with feathers.  The wings looked so perfect and neat.  If anyone reading this says this isn't true, it still remains true regardless of what anyone thinks.  I was there and I truly know what I truly saw. Praise

God forevermore.  If you ever see a demon in your home don't panic.  This by no means, means your house is haunted.   Some demons just roam from place to place.  I saw this one demon in my home only on this one occasion and never again.


I will now tell of a dream I had about my Pappa "'Grandpa".  My Poppa was near sixty years of age when I was born in 1939. I never knew my Poppa when he was a young man. Ican only remember my Poppa as an old man.  He died at the age of eighty in 1960.  He was a very kind and gentleman.  His first wife, Grace Pinion Robinson died in 1921.  Poppa was left to raise six small children.  Jesus had love and compassion on this poor family.
There was an old maid that God had waiting in the wings, especially for this hour in the life of the Robinson family. After eight years without a mother in the home Jesus brings Ethyl Walker into the life of Poppa and his children. They were married and oh what a wonderful blessing she was to this family.
My step Grandmother Ethyl was absolutely the sweetest, most kind, gentle and precious woman on planet earth. She was a member of Dora Church of God. God blessed her with a long life.  She went to heaven in 1980. In all of the many years I enjoyed the companionship of my Grandma Ethyl. Never one time did I ever see her mad.  She never said the tiniest

little nasty word. I must say for a fact, my Grandma was the finest, most Christian lady I have ever known. She was an inspiration to everyone.
Poppa and Grandma Ethyl not only raised these six children but they raised a six-week-old baby girl. The baby's name was Faye Walker. Faye was Ethyl's brothers' baby.  Johnnie Walker's wife died of cancer and she left this six-week-old baby for Johnnie to raise. Johih' gave this baby to his sister, Ethyl to raise. God had raised Grandma Ethyl up for this hour in her life.
Poppa treated his wife very kind. They had a milk cow. When they

had milk that needed to be churned into butter and buttermilk, Poppa would take the milk chum outside and chum the buttermilk. There was a peach tree beside the house where Poppa would sit in the shade of it and there he would chum the milk. I would sit under the tree with Poppa on many occasions. He would never raise his voice nor would he ever say an unkind word to any of his many grandchildren.
I am not writing all of this about my Poppa just to take up space. But I am writing this to give God the honor and glory He most assuredly deserves. God is love. God is great. My Poppa attended Dora Church of God as well. He would be strong in the Lord for a season and then he would

stop attending for a season. All the while, Poppa was a wonderful man. After he died, I really worried about Poppa. Did Poppa go to heaven?
Several years after his death, I began praying to Jesus and asking him this question.  Did my precious Poppa go to heaven?  In the year of about 1980, Jesus gave me an answer. I had a dream from God. When you dream you always dream in black and white. These black and white dreams are not of God. They come from too big of a supper before you go to bed or they come from worries you have on your mind. "When a dream is given to you from God it is always in splendid colors and you just know it is from God.
In this dream God gave to me I saw my Poppa. I was standing in the yard at his old home place.  I looked up and I saw Poppa appear in mid air about twenty feet above the ground. He was very young. Even though I didn't have a clue what Poppa looked like at the age of twenty-one I instantly knew him. He was dressed in a very beautiful blue three-piece suit with a tie. He looked absolutely wonderful. Now I knew my Poppa was most assuredly at home with Jesus.
Now that I knew Poppa was in heaven I did not know why he appeared to me in a beautiful suit and not a white robe. At that time I

thought that absolutely everyone in heaven wore only his or her beautiful white robes.
When I went to heaven in the year 2000 I then found out that the

redeemed in heaven can wear their robe or they can wear any beautiful clothes they want to.  My journey to heaven has truly been enlightening in many areas of my lack of knowledge about heaven.  If you have a question about spiritual things then you too can get the answer you want.  Jesus is no respecter of persons.  Ask Jesus to show you things then expect an answer. The answer will come.  James 4:2 tells us, "you have not because you ask not."
\Vhen Jesus saved our souls He presented us to the Father.  It is at that instant we take on the righteousness of God.  God at that time adopts us.  We become sons and daughters of God.  We become joint heirs with Jesus Christ.  In plain English, we become brothers or sisters with Jesus.  Talk to Jesus like you would your earthly brother.  Jesus is so very personable.
Most Christians are clueless as to who they really are. We are a child of our Father God. And as a child we receive special favors from our perfect Father. My eyes are over tb.e righteous and my ears are open to their cry.

Don't wait till tomorrow, talk to Jesus right now.  He is expecting your call. Jesus loves you!  God is Love! You are special!  Even though you may not be a Christian, Jesus loves you with all His heart.

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Copyright 2007 Neil Robinson

For many lonq years
I looked for fulfillment in this old world below
But everythinq I tried
only made me  mptie in my soul.

Satan had me blind d
r didn t know I was going to hell
I kept on seeking earthly pleasure
Hoping to find  n an5wer
.And  all would  oo    11.

I liv d for the de't'i.l v    mGJ.ny  long ye rs
But prayer changes   thing
Prayers £nd many te rs

Somewhere in my b ckqro d
A place I eeerned to know not of
There was a great power dynamo at work
Called the Great Church of God.

My  sister was  annointed.,  that God "Wo;.:dd  s ve me
The very next ni9ht0  !was in church Asking Jesus to forgiv my sin While down on my bended knee.

After many long y r$, !am $till holding on
Th nk God for the prayers, and st ength of   e Church
'For me";y  touched God 1 s throne.

Lord,  let me  thank  you.# for your  beautif-ul  s ving gr ce
Jesus so completely s tisfies my soul
Nothing  can  take  his  place ..

When  this  life i!L over no moE'  on e!trth to roar,,.
We can rest in sweet ps
Jesus won•t fail to take us home.

When the r pture tak s pl ce
And  esua splits those e  tern skies
Th n, and only then, The Be uty of the Church
We will fully re li e.

Au    r
Neil Nabinaon