Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No more Pee for Me(or you for that matter)...

How to get the urine smell out of a house...

Got rental property that you just can't seem to get the urine smell out of once your tenants pets leave you a little present on the floor.

No one likes the smell of Urine that hits them in the face when they walk thru a home that has had an 'incident' of a dog or cat urinating on the carpet, floor or concrete of a home.  That being said, I just heard of a way to get the urine smell out of a house from someone who has tried it and says it works for sure. Please note the below mixture was used on a hard surface (concrete) and worked perfectly.

Mixture is as follows:

Green Scope - 32oz
Vanilla extract - 32oz
1 bucket of warm water

--mix and let stand over night

Have a great day!

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