Friday, August 11, 2017

Want a FREE $10,000 to replace your roof? But do you need to...

I have been having a lot of people asking lately about the FREE $10,000 GRANT from  Strengthen Alabama Homes.

I have actually been through most of this process so I wrote about my experience:

First let me state a few basic bits of info.
1 - If you don't need a new roof then just stop reading and forward this to someone that does.
2 - My experience is based on a 2,200 square foot 1 story home that has an A frame (Gable) roof.
3 -  If you are not organized then this may be a little harder for you. There is a lot of follow up and back and forth with emails to the people at Strengthen Homes(State), Contractors, Surveyors...
4 - You need to be a little informed with how to use a scanner to input the needed documents like taxes, homeowners insurance, ID...

The quick info:

After putting in all my info and going back and forth via email I had a surveyor come out to my house to see what it needed to get my home to the 'Silver" level of Fortified Home. This is a fee you have to pay so expect to come out of pocket from $250 - $350. Once he came out he sent my info to the contractors I chose. Once they came out I had bids from $30,000 to $13,800. At the end of the day my roof has 7 - 15 years of life left in it and I am not experiencing any MAJOR leaks so even with the $10,000 grant, why would I pay $3,800 since I don't need one.  However, if I did need one then this would be a huge blessing and I would for sure move forward and get a new roof. Had I moved forward I would have had to pay immediately the contractor to get started. The Bid is good for 6 Months

For all other info and to get started go to The Strengthen Alabama Homes Grant

Michael Fillers, CPIA, NFIP
Morris Insurance Agency, LLC
3032 Dauphin Square Connector
Mobile, AL 36607

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