Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Sisters Testimony of Faith in Jesus Christ--T.H.

Personal Testimony of Faith

               My first memories of being in a church and exposed to the Christian faith was when I visited my grandparents in the summers growing up.  When I was very small, my grandparents would take me to a small country church near their farm every Sunday morning and for one week during the summer I got to go to a “camp meeting” in an outdoor setting where there were hours of singing and preaching.  They were Methodists and my mother took me to a Methodist church in the city where I grew up.  I loved to watch a television show in the early 1960s called “Aunt Beka’s Bible Stories” starring Beka Horton (who later founded aBeka Christian curriculum for schools and Pensacola Christian College).  She founded a camp in Cantonment, Florida (just miles from Pensacola) called Camp O’ the Pines and when I was in the first grade, my mother sent me there.  It was at that camp that the message of salvation was first shared with me through a book called the “Wordless Book” full of pages of color.  This book fascinated me because of the lesson behind the beautiful colors: the black page was for sin in our lives, red for Jesus’ blood shed for us, white for being washed white as snow, green for growing in Christ, and my personal favorite, sparkling gold for heaven.  I remember going forward during the invitation and asking Jesus to come into my heart and forgive me.  He has been with me ever since.  When I was thirteen, I went forward at an invitation at my Christian school and at that time prayed and asked Jesus to be the Lord of my life forever.
               When I was eight years old, my mother purchased a used spinet piano for me and I began to learn to play.  At thirteen, I played the organ for my first wedding at my home church and was asked to play for Sunday services.  I have been playing in churches ever since.  My choir director also found that I had a singing voice and I began singing in youth choir, then in college, then on television and radio, and most recently in the choir in the Mobile Passion Play at my church. 

               I have always wanted to further the Gospel of Jesus in my life and in the lives of others.  I enjoy the outreach ministries that I have been a part of in the Christian college that I attended for a while and in the churches that I have been associated with and a member of over the years.  If asked what my beliefs are, I would have to say that I believe that the Bible is without error and is given to man by inspiration of God; that Jesus Christ is the Son of God the Father; and that the Holy Spirit is sent to convict non-believers and to dwell in the hearts of believers to minister to them.  The purpose of the Christian is to glorify God in their lives and to be the voice and feet of God to others.

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