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How I met Jesus and HE saved me...

Jesus saving me...09-10-2008

A college friend of mine asked me on a while ago – What’s up with all of the religious post all of the time? Hope ur doing well. Why do u use FB to channel all of ur religious beliefs? Just wondering?—My answer is—-well i guess you can say it really comes down to 1 question: If you were to die today, do you know 100% for sure you would go to Heaven? I thought i was sure till 9/10/2008 and i got really sick and thought i was going to die…I prayed from Noon till about midnight to Jesus to take my life and kill me because i was hurting so bad..i couldnt talk and was shaking and sweating like a crazy person…i was crying out to Him, as if He didn’t already know everything about me even before I was born,,,,that i had plenty of life insurance for my family so they would be fine & begging Him to take my life OR to save me and I would worship Him and Praise His name and tell others about Him for the rest of my, in the fetal position against the head board of my bed i prayed that prayer of take my life or leave here to Glorify you Jesus for about 12 hours(Noon till about Midnight) …then @ midnight I looked up and at the end of my bed I saw Jesus standing right there in the flesh. This was no vision or dream, it was JESUS.. I looked into my makers eyes only to hear Him say dont you know how much i love you, dont you know how much i care for you. That everything in the Bible is about me and I am the Truth and I am LOVE…. that you dont have to suffer, just trust in me and i will give you the New life the Bible talks about…then i had only what I can call an outer body experience and saw my self when I got baptized, first communion, confirmation, and even my marriage and how I was doing it just to go through the motions and it wasn’t sincere and all about given all the Glory to Jesus. like was supposed to be. Bottom Line, I was a Catholic(a religion) not a Christian(a believer in Jesus) I didn’t have my Heart in it….then He said some Joyous words that I will NEVER forget. Jesus told me, “NOW IS NOT YOUR TIME, BE HEALED”…and immediately the pain I had in my stomach for the prior 14 or so hours was GONE! Also, immediately gone was the constant GREEDINESS I had to make as much money as possible. Staying up day and night to try to find the next deal to make more money as if that would fill some kind of void or make me truly happy because it never did. I just wanted more and more…Something that also changed was something that had never been there before, a complete and total urge to WANT TO learn more about Jesus, the Bible and whatever HE wanted my life to be like….its the difference of WANTING TO GO TO CHURCH TO PRAISE HIM vs having to go to church because you have done it your whole life, or at least I did being a good Catholic boy…So here we are where we started, it really comes down to 1 question: If you were to die today, do you know 100% for sure you would go to Heaven? have the question again…I can say without a doubt YES!..can you? if you want to learn how you can say yes, call me or contact me.

if anyone would like a full audio version,

How I met JESUS in the flesh and HE saved me:

Matt 24:46-47-"Blessed is he whom his master will find at work when he arrives. Truly I tell you, he will put that one in charge of all his possessions."
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